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Accuweigh’s onboard weighing systems for Thiess Services

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article image Waste collection vehicles featuring onboard weighing systems

Accuweigh is supplying multiple onboard weighing systems to Thiess Services’ Somersby fleet of waste collection vehicles on the New South Wales Central Coast.

Provided by Accuweigh’s Sydney branch, the onboard weighing systems are being fitted to residential waste collection vehicles to ensure drivers comply with legal weight limits and avoid overloading penalties.

The Chain of Responsibility legislation (CoR) is making companies operating trucks accountable for ensuring correct vehicle loadings at all times. In addition to penalising the truck driver, the CoR legislation can also hold management and company directors partly responsible for overloading infringements.

As part of their weighing solutions, Accuweigh configured a Trojan onboard weighing system to fit into a single steer spring front suspension and bogie drive air suspension on an Iveco truck with a Superior Pak side loading body.

The onboard weighing system produced consistently accurate vehicle weights though the weight of collected garden waste can vary significantly depending on its water content.  

Accuweigh’s onboard weighing systems now enable all waste collection vehicles in the fleet to be optimally loaded to improve collections efficiency without risking overloading fines.

The LFT1500 onboard weighing system from Accuweigh is trade approved to allow invoicing to be based on the weight of waste collected.

Accuweigh’s network of eight sales and service branches across mainland states offers a wide range of overload and underbody load cell onboard vehicle weighing systems to meet diverse requirements. 

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