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Accuweigh’s Weigh Batching Systems for Western Milling

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Accuweigh’s  Perth branch recently installed a Weigh Batching System at Western Milling’s plant in Northam, WA. The Weigh Batching System is used for filling 25kg bags with flour and breadcrumbs.  

The Rinstrum R420 Weigh Batching System replaced an early version Toledo Batching Controller that didn’t have up-to-date batching functionality to enable it to perform to the client’s evolving needs.  

The Weigh Batching System is connected to a platform scale that is fitted with a bag clamp and positioned under an overhead product hopper. Product is conveyed into the bag until the R420 Weigh Batching System switches off the output.  

Some of the R420 Weigh Batching System’s features that justified its purchase include:

  • Automatic in-flight compensation
  • Auto-top up routines for inconsistent feeder operation
  • 100 recipe storage
  • Comprehensive product totals, variation % and number of bags
  • Operator ID’s
  • Multiple input and output functions eliminate the need for a PLC
  • Fast and consistent operation  
The Rinstrum R420 Weigh Batching System contains thousands of lines of selectable batch controlling sequences that enable this innocuous looking device compare favourably with PC based batching systems from not too long ago.  

Accuweigh is an Australian industrial weighing company and has branches in all mainland states providing after sales service on Weigh Batching Systems, setpoint indicators and batching controllers.

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