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Accuweigh introduces Road Guardian wheel weighers to check vehicle axle loadings

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Accuweigh has recently introduced a new line of wheel weighers that uses advanced weighing technology for improved truck wheel weighing accuracy.

Wheel weighers are a very cost effective means of ensuring compliance with legal weight limits for vehicle axle loadings. Under the Chain of Responsibility legislation, each and every person and company even remotely involved in the loading and transportation process can be held partly responsible and incur heavy fines.

Road Guardian wheel weighers consist of self-contained wheel weigh pads that feature a low height profile of only 32mm to allow for easy truck access while minimising potential weighing errors caused by out-of-level wheels.

Manufactured from aluminium for strength and corrosion resistance, each wheel weigh pad weighs only 15kg to allow easy manoeuvring into position with minimal effort. Each pad is fitted with its own integrated weighing indicator that is fully integrated into the carry handle and powered by six AA-size batteries located in the display housing for full portability.

Road Guardian wheel weighers incorporate advanced digital electronics that provide a fast, accurate and easy-to-read weigh indicator, rechargeable from any 12VDC source or a VAC plugpack.

The weight of each wheel is displayed on an easy-to-read alphanumeric LCD display with integral backlighting for use in low light or night-time operation. The digital indicator allows the operator to display the weight of each individual wheel weigher or the combined weight of all weigh pads.

Available in 1, 2, 4 and 6 platform systems to accommodate a variety of different weighing configurations, Road Guardian wheel weighers can be expanded to interconnect up to 16 platforms in a single weighing system.

The junction box allows up to six platforms to be interconnected for combined weight reading ability and for recharging the internal batteries of wheel weighers simultaneously.

Australia’s leading industrial weighing company, Accuweigh operates eight branches across the country providing complete service support on wheel weighers, weighbridges, scales and weighing equipment.

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