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Accuweigh installs weighbridge at Cheetham’s Bajool plant

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Accuweigh  is the only weighbridge supplier in Australia with sales and service branches in all mainland states. This strategy paid handsomely for Cheetham Salt recently after they ordered a weighbridge from their local Accuweigh branch in Adelaide for an installation at Cheetham’s Bajool plant in Central QLD.

Accuweigh’s Terry Langford completed all the paperwork for the weighbridge sale in Adelaide then handed the weighbridge’s installation and commissioning over to Accuweigh’s QLD branch. This way, the company selling the weighbridge will be personally performing all aspects of the sale, no third party involvement that invariably leads to complications on major projects like weighbridges.

The benefit to the client on this occasion also extended to lower installation costs of the weighbridge as all staff travel and test truck hire will originate from Brisbane and not Adelaide.

Cheetham Salt Limited is a producer and refiner of salt and currently operates 12 solar salt fields throughout Australia with total production over 1.4 million tonnes annually. Together, the fields and the refineries supply salt for every need, from consumer size packs of cooking and table salt to entire shiploads of industrial salt.

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