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Accuweigh install weigh hopper at Maroochydore waste treatment plant

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article image Accuweigh weigh hopper on site at the Maroochydore waste treatment plant

A 100 tonne capacity weigh hopper was recently commissioned by Accuweigh ’s QWM branch in Brisbane for installation at the Maroochydore waste treatment plant where it will be used for weighing the sludge by-product generated from on-site treatment processes.

In addition to tracking the volume of this waste, the weigh hopper scales also ensure the trucks transporting the waste are loaded to legal weight limits to avoid being liable to heavy fines caused by overloading.

The weigh hopper is mounted on a sturdy frame about six metres above ground level to allow trucks to drive under the hopper and be filled from an overhead chute. The heavy metal hopper is seated on four heavy capacity load cell mounting kits that contain integrated side and over lift restraints to secure it in strong winds.

For increased collections efficiency, the weigh hopper’s weighing electronics includes a SMS module that transmits the hopper’s weight via an SMS message to the enquiring mobile phone. This allows the driver of a collection vehicle to directly query the hopper to see if it needs to be emptied while the truck is already in the local vicinity.

Accuweigh is an industrial weighing company with branches in all mainland states that have completed hundreds of weigh hoppers and industrial scales installations for all types of industries.

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