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Accuweigh install multi-deck weighbridges for Boral Plasterboard

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article image Multi-deck weighbridges installed at Boral Plasterboard

Accuweigh ’s QWM branch have recently installed four multi-deck weighbridges and a host of control equipment at Boral Plasterboard’s new Pinkenbah plant in Queensland.

Each of the four multi-deck weighbridges consists of four individual weighbridge decks to ensure operators can correctly position the heavy lengths of plasterboard so as not to exceed legal weight limits for any of the truck’s axle groups.

Weighbridges are fitted in-ground in shallow pits with the weighbridge deck level with the concrete hardstand for ease of loading by forklifts. Each multi-deck weighbridge measures 27.6m long by 3m wide with a weighing capacity of 80,000kg each.

The multi-deck weighbridges are fitted with four Rinstrum 5000 digital weight indicators (one per deck) and a Rinstrum 6700 summing indicator for displaying the total weight of all decks on each weighbridge.

QWM also provided a host of other accessories, control components and custom software for this comprehensive weighbridge application, such as:

  • 20 x large digit remote displays
  • Individual (1x1m) deck access covers for each load cell (64 in total)
  • 4 x magnetic automation sliding cantilever security gates
  • 1 x magnetic automation MBE35 boom gate
  • 4 x Automated pedestrian gates
  • 2 x Computronics 200mm 16x4 Line LED message board displays
  • Jacques JDDI intercom system connected to telephone network
  • 8 x CCTV surveillance cameras connected to 3 x Linux DVRs
  • Dallas touch tag ID system
  • Fibre optic and copper cable network
  • Custom software by AAS including site access control
  • 2 x weigh silos for storing raw gypsum

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