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Accuweigh install metal detection system in WA Bakery

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Accuweigh’s  metal detection system is providing a food inspection solution for WA’s Mias Bakery on their loaf bagging lines. Prisma’s variable frequency metal detection system scans all bread for potential metal contamination before being distributed to various local supermarkets.

Most large supermarket chains now require all food products to be inspected by metal detection or x-ray inspection system for protection against product recalls due to potential product contamination by foreign objects.

Accuweigh's WA State Manager, Bill Ambrose, offered Mias Bakery the latest variable frequency metal detection system from Prisma due to its ability to operate at different scanning frequencies enabling much better detection rates when scanning different density products for contaminates.

The two variable frequency metal detection heads are merged to the existing loaf bagging lines by stainless steel conveyors with modular belts, reject pushers and lockable reject bins supplied by Acutec Engineering in Adelaide.

The bread loaves being inspected are up to 450mm Wide x 200mm Long x 200mm High. The scanning rate is up to 60 units per minute with the following detection sensitivities:

  • 3.5mm stainless steel
  • 3.0mm non-ferrous
  • 2.5mm ferrous

Accuweigh’s branches in all states offer local backup and support combined with a quality European metal detection system that is reasonably priced with solid reliability.

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