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Accuweigh display Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) machine at Auspack 2009

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Accuweigh are currently displaying the ESSE Gi model F1200 Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) packaging machine at Auspack 2009 Sydney Olympic Park.

Accuweigh-Budpak are the sole Australian distributor for ESSE Gi products.

The ESSE Gi F1200 is on display at Auspack and fully operational with all of its features and Accuweigh personnel are standing by to take visitors through demonstrations.

The model F1200 packaging machine is the upshot of experience and ongoing research keyed at upgrading the products that Accuweigh supplies.

The F1200 packaging machine has been designed to work with several different types of films and with different batching and weighing systems.

This versatility makes it possible to work with a many different kinds of products such as: short pasta, dried fruit, legumes, coffee, rice, frozen foods, detergents, cements, resins, sand fertlisers, seeds and many others.

Main Features include:

  • Film reel hydraulic lifting
  • Film reel self-centre locking
  • Film reel automatic centring
  • End-of-film-reel reading sensors
  • Automatic print centring
  • Quick film reel change device
  • Bag bottom vibrator device
  • Different-size program storage
  • Sealing pincers adjustable opening
  • Sealing parameter setting
  • Automatic bag tip-up device height
  • Film drive speed setting
Available options include:
  • Touch screen
  • Blower unit and square bottom
  • Bag piercing devices
  • Bag shaking devices
  • Antistatic
  • Markers and coders of various types
  • Equipped for dust extraction

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