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Accuweigh Potato Bagging Machine for Comet Foods

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Accuweigh's QLD branch recently completed the installation and commissioning of a dual head bagging machine for the potato line at the Comet Foods processing plant in Brisbane's Rocklea markets.

Comet Fresh is a leading supplier and processor of fresh-cut vegetables to food manufacturers and the food-service industry in Queensland and needed to increase both speed and accuracy on its potato line to keep up with customer needs.

The custom made free-standing weigh bin is fitted with dual weigh heads and a diverter hopper to suit the customer's existing dual conveyor system. The weighing capacity of the bagging unit is 20kg in increments of 0.01kg.

The batching operations are handled by two Rinstrum R5100 intelligent batching controllers mounted inside a separate 316 stainless steel enclosure fitted with a viewing window and IP65 buttons. The bagging sequence is done alternately to each weigh head to enable quick and accurate bag weights to be attained.

The bagging system has a failsafe discharge operation if a bag is not fitted to a weighhead before the unit is ready to dump via the pneumatically operated gates.

Accuweigh  is a specialist manufacturer of all types of weighing, filling and bagging systems and is one of Australia's large industrial weighing companies with branches in all states.

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