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Accuweigh Group’s Axle Scales Solve Client’s Weighty Problem

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Finding a solution for a client’s requirement to weigh road-going haulage tractors carrying extremely large and heavy loads for the WA mining industry brought Accuweigh , QWM and Scale Components together.

Mammoet Australia based in Port Hedland required a reliable and accurate weighing system to ensure their heavily loaded haulage tractors complied with legal load limits on local roads and bridges when delivering their manufactured structures.

The Accuweigh group provided custom engineered axle scales measuring 6.5 metres wide to weigh the load on each of the 34 individual axles of the haulage tractors, which can carry loads of up to 500T.

Accuweigh’s axle scales are an in motion axle weighing system designed to eliminate the associated wear and tear on tractors caused by numerous start/stop sequences as required by static axle weighing systems.

Accuweigh’s trade approved in-motion axle scales allow the loaded tractors to simple drive over the axle scales at slow speeds to attain accurate weight readings. Once all the axles are weighed, the results are printed on a docket showing date, time, individual axle weights and the total weight.

A programmable weight controller and a printer are built into a weatherproof stainless steel enclosure that can be unplugged from the weighing platforms.

The two in-motion axle scale decks were manufactured by QWM in Brisbane.

Scale Components supplied the sophisticated Systec IT8000 digital weight controller with specialised in-motion software.

Accuweigh’s WA branch provided assistance for the installation and commissioning of the trade approved in-motion axle scales.

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