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Accuweigh Avery A500 platform scale available

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Accuweigh  Avery A500 platform scale is ideal for all typical industrial and commercial weighing applications and has just been updated with many minor improvements to ensure it continues performing as a good value, heavy duty platform scale.

The numerous design features of the Accuweigh A500 platform scale puts it into a class above all others.

The platform scale’s inbuilt strength and durability, the hot dip galvanised plating that withstands corrosion and the endless list of alternate finishes that are available to suit your exact requirements.

The A500’s all-steel heavy duty construction with multiple cross bracing that eliminates deflection under load to ensure it can withstand the rigours of hard use far longer than cheaper opposition models.

The Accuweigh A500 platform scale available from Salter Australia is typically a top-loading device, able to weigh anything from cartons to pallets and is suitable for use in all general purpose weighing applications including pallet weighing.

The platform scale is ideal for floor mounting due to its low profile but also has special design features, that makes it able to be used in-ground or pit mounted without requiring any modifications.

Manufactured advantages:

  • Fully manufactured in Australia using quality BHP steel
  • Extra heavy duty framework
  • Heavy duty under plate cross bracing (3 struts, 75 x 50mm angle iron)
  • 6mm thick, heavy duty checker plate top deck
  • Completely hot dip galvanised for strong corrosion resistance in wet areas

Available finishes:

  • Standard finish is hot dip galvanised
  • Optional mild steel frame and top plate with powder coat finish
  • Optional stainless steel top plate
  • Optional fully fabricated in stainless steel
  • Other special coatings available on request, epoxy, etc
  • Optional heavy duty ramps for trolley access when floor mounted

Design advantages:

  • Low profile
  • Suitable for portable operation
  • Eye bolt provision for easy lifting/placement
  • Self aligning levelling feet for protection against side loadings
  • Top access to summing box for fast & easy corner adjustments


  • 1200x 1200mm standard size
  • Custom sizes to suit your exact requirements
  • Trade approved in all states
  • Waterproof summing box with IP69 cable glands
  • 4 x heavy duty 1t trade approved loadcells
  • Full 150% overload capacity on each loadcell

Digital weight indicators:

The standard indicator supplied is a top quality Avery E1005 digital weight indicator, but other brand and models are available on request:

  • Salter weigh-Tronix
  • A and D Mercury
  • Rinstrum
  • Gedge
  • CAS

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