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Pocket digital thermometer from Accutherm International

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Test Products International’s pocket digital thermometer TPI 310C, available from Accutherm International , is a compact electronic instrument ideal for temperature measurements requiring surface penetrations or air temperature readings.

The TPI 310C can be user calibrated with a glass of iced water and is accurate to plus or minus 1 degree centigrade. This makes TPI 310C ideal for food product handling, food safety applications and HVAC requirements.

The features of the TPI 310C include:

  • Quick and simple operation
  • Fast response time
  • Easy to read lcd
  • Push button operation
  • Single hand operation
  • Reversible head for better viewing
  • Data hold function
  • Auto power off after 35 minutes
  • Penetration tip
  • Switchable between degree celsius and degree fahrenheit

The technical specifications of the TPI 310C are:

  • Resolution 0.1 degree Celsius/ degree Fahrenheit
  • Temperature range -50 degree Celsius to 150 degree celsius
  • Accuracy ± 1 degree celsius
  • Sample time 1.5 seconds
  • 12.5cm temperature probe length
  • Battery 1.5V (small disc type)

Standard accessories:

  • Protective sheath
  • Steel pen clip
  • For penetration, immersion and air temperature testing
  • Rugged, reliable, accurate and affordable

Accutherm International is the Australian distributor of TPI 310 C.

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