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Low pressure gas filters available from Accutherm

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Pietro Fiorentini’s range of high capacity gas filters is available from Accutherm International for the Australian gas industry. The high capacity gas filters are suitable for use with all types of natural gas, LPG and other non corrosive gases.

Pietro Fiorentini’s high capacity gas filters are designed to protect gas control devices, regulators, meters and downstream gas appliances from malfunctions due to solid particles entering from the gas stream.

Gas filters are mandatory under Australian Standard AS 3814 for all appliances where the supply pressure is over 7 kPa.

Pietro Fiorentini designs, manufactures and sells gas pressure reduction, gas filtration and gas control products.

Gas filter range:

  • Compact version
  • Standard version
  • Flanged or screwed models

Gas filter accessories:

  • Pressure test points
  • Differential pressure clogging indicator
  • Replacement cartridges

Features and specifications:

  • Filters out both dust and solid particles
  • Compact design
  • Light weight
  • Low maintenance and quick to install
  • Provision for optional inlet/outlet pressure test points
  • Filtration capacity - 50 microns
  • Maximum pressure - 600 kPa
  • Temperature range - (-15ºC to +80ºC)
  • Threaded models from 15mm to 50mm
  • Flanged models from 25mm to 100mm

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