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Low pressure OPSO/UPSO GAS Regulators released by Accutherm

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Accutherm has released Low pressure OPSO/UPSO gas regulators.

The user can save money with this innovative gas regulator. It does the job of two conventional regulators. The gas regulators are quick and easy to install and is suitable for use with all types of natural gas, LPG and other non corrosive gases.

Pietro Fiorentini’s range of low pressure gas regulators are sold in Australia by Accutherm International.

Pietro Fiorentini’s low pressure gas regulators are self acting with a balanced valve and a double safety diaphragm. The combination OPSO/UPSO gas regulator provides in-built automatic safety shut-off, saving the use of two separate gas regulators.

This innovative range of gas regulators are designed for commercial or industrial gas applications and are widely used by gas utilities around the world.

With over 60 years experience Pietro Fiorentini are the European leaders in the design, manufacture and sale of gas pressure reduction, gas filtration and gas control products.

Range of Low pressure gas regulators:

  • Compact non OPSO version
  • Combination OPSO/UPSO version

Features of Low pressure gas regulators:

  • Outlet Pressure range 0.5 to 30 kPa
  • UPSO range 0.8 to 8 kPa
  • Compact design
  • Threaded BSP models from 15mm to 25mm
  • Inlet/Outlet pressure test point
  • Internal sensing line
  • Inbuilt gas filter on all OPSO/UPSO models
  • ¼ inch BSP vent connection
  • Right angle base connection available
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure 50 kPa
  • OPSO range 3.5 to 35 kPa

Save time and money:

  • Faster installation, use less pipe work and fittings
  • With a ¼ inch standard vent connection, venting installations are cheaper and faster than alternative brands
  • No separate slam shut and/or relief valve required on downstream piping
  • Significantly improves safety on systems that use full flow relief as their means of over pressure protection

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