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Eclipse Tube Firing Burners available from Accutherm International

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The Eclipse Tube Firing Burners, available from Accutherm International , produce low NOx and CO emissions.

The Eclipse Tube Firing Burners are designed to fire radiant tubes and immersion tubes with inputs from 25,000 to 2,000,000 Btu/hr.

They form part of the Greener Burners for Industry range and are designed and manufactured by Eclipse Combustion.

The Eclipse Tube Firing Burner is equipped with the Eclipse ThermThief system. A unique gas nozzle creates an intense adjustable length flame with a vigorous spinning action. The long, spiralling flame results in cleaner combustion, efficient heat transfer and more uniform tube temperatures.

The flame scrubs the inside of the fire tubes to remove the gas film boundary layer and increase heat-transfer effectiveness with outstanding temperature uniformity. These factors contribute to longer tube life and help ensure consistent uniform product processing.

Additional benefits of the Eclipse Tube Firing Gas Burner range include the following:

  • Low NOx and low CO
  • Low excess air capability for high efficiency
  • Low air and gas pressure requirements
  • High heat transfer at low noise levels
  • Reliable ignition at a wide range of firing rates
  • Can be fitted with Eclipse Bayonet Ultra recuperators for maximum system efficiency

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