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Eclipse RatioMatic air heating burners available from Accutherm International

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article image The Eclipse RatioMatic air heating gas burner

The RatioMatic air heating burner, available from Accutherm International , is a low emission, high performance nozzle mix gas burner that has been specifically designed for direct air heating, indirect air heating and oven applications up to temperature conditions of 1000 °C. The RatioMatic air heating burner’s enhanced design accounts for the smooth operation of the burner. These air heating burners are also ecofriendly.

RatioMatic air heating burners are designed and manufactured by Eclipse Combustion, manufacturers of industrial and process gas burners. The RatioMatic burner package includes a combustion air blower and an air gas ratio regulator that enables firing over a wide gas turndown range at a controlled ratio.

The advantages of Eclipse RatioMatic air heating gas burners are:

  • Simplified gas burner start up and adjustment
  • Automatically compensates for changes in operating conditions
  • Direct drive air butterfly valve eliminates linkages that can slip or jam during operation
  • Fast mixing gas nozzle for clean stable flame at all firing rates
  • Low Nox, CO and aldehydes
  • Quick change spark plugs and flame rods
  • Alloy or high temperature Silicon Carbide (SiC) firing tubes or optional refractory block
RatioMatic gas burner specifications:

Type - Nozzle mixing
Number of Sizes - 8
Capacity Range - 500, 000 to 25,000,000 Btu/Hr
Turndown - 100:1
Process Temperature – 815 °C to 1039 °C
Fuels - Natural gas, propane, butane

Typical applications of Eclipse RatioMatic air heating burners are:

  • Incinerators
  • Dry off and curing ovens
  • Indirect air heating
  • Food processing ovens and food baking ovens
  • Annealing and aluminium homogenising
  • Textile drying

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