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Accutherm introduces Accu-test Gas Safety Shut-off System

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The Accu-test gas safety system by Accutherm International automatically closes off the gas flow to buildings & appliances once an emergency remote interlock has been activated.

Such interlocks include emergency stop buttons, smoke alarms, gas detectors & fire sprinkler flow switches.

The Accu-test gas safety system is suitable for Commercial Kitchens, Aged Care Facilities, Apartment Blocks, Hospitals, Workshops, Educational & Science Laboratories.


  • The Accu-test system fully complies with Australian Standard AS5601 Gas Installations.
  • Is suitable for Natural Gas and LPG Gases.
  • The Accu-test has a Gas Solenoid Valve Assembly & a separate Electrical Control Panel.
  • Control Panel is highly visible with a bright red cover.
  • Control Panel has a key lock isolator together with a manual reset switch for local operation.
  • Control Panel includes Power on, System fault, Main valve on & Test in progress indicators.
  • The Accu-test can be powered by 24V, 110V or 240V.
  • The Accu-test gas safety shut-off system is purpose built & sized for each application.
  • The Control Panel can be installed remotely from the Solenoid Valve Assembly.
  • Optional battery backup is available.


  • The Accu-test system requires a licensed gas fitter & a licensed electrician for installation.

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