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AHMA process air heat burners from Accutherm International

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Accutherm International  offer the new AHMA V2.20 process air heat burners. The durable AHMA gas burners are manufactured and designed by Eclipse, specialists in designing and manufacturing process gas burners and industrial gas burners.

The new AHMA gas burners produce a uniform, odourless and smokeless flame ideal for heating fresh air in make-up, process air heating applications and industrial air heating applications.

The AHMA gas burner design provides a stable operation over a wide range of velocities, inputs and fuels with the added advantage of high burner efficiency and low burner emissions. This makes the AHMA gas burner a cost effective industrial gas burner solution.

AHMA gas burners are a line type gas burner with cast iron or aluminum burner bodies and diverging stainless steel air wings. Completely corrosion resistant design options are available using aluminum burner bodies or electroless nickel plated cast iron burner bodies.

The AHMA air heat burner is assembled from straight sections, tees and crosses to produce nearly any configuration required. This provides incredible flexibility of configuration and use. Large industrial burners can be built as a combination of staged, individually controlled sections to increase turndown.

The aluminum burner body option reduces weight and provides corrosion resistance formerly achieved only with specially plated cast iron burner bodies. New low pressure versions require only a 5.5 inch w.c. deltaP natural gas at 800,000 Btu/hr./ft, making these systems ideally suited for use with the Maxitrol Selectra control valve.

  • AHMA burner specifications include:
  • Type - Nozzle mixing
  • Number of Sizes – Modular
  • Capacity Range - 1,200,000 Btu/Hr/Ln. Ft. (351 kW)
  • Turndown - 30:1
  • Process Temperature - 454° C (850° F)
  • Fuels - Natural Gas, Propane and Butane

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