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Software for fluid flow design, simulation and analysis from Accutech

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  • Liquid and gas pipe flow simulation
  • Non-Newtonian liquids and settling slurries
  • Equipment performance including pumps, fans, control valves etc.
  • Water hammer
  • Pipeline instrumentation - selection and design
  • Heat transfer.



  • Systems containing multiple pumps and fans in parallel, series or booster configuration.
  • Systems containing multiple control valves and almost any other type of line equipment including heat exchangers.
  • Steam flow
  • Process and instrumentation air
  • Natural and other gas reticulation
  • Hydrocarbon transfer
  • Fixed fire protection and spray/sprinkler systems
  • Mine dewatering
  • Bore farms - with multiple borehole pumps
  • Ventilation and fume extraction
  • High pressure gas flow (sonic conditions detected)
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • District heating and cooling
  • Cooling water systems
  • Non-Newtonian/non-settling and settling slurries

Water hammer:

  • Single pipeline systems or networks
  • Single or multiple-pump pump stations
  • Protection devices: air chamber, air valve, discharge tank, surge tank, stand pipe


  • Control valves
  • Venturis, nozzles etc
  • Relief devices


FluidFlow3 is Accutech state-of-the-art program for the simulation of liquid, gas and non-Newtonian/slurry flows in pipe networks.

You can optionally include heat change calculations and simulate multiple fluids in the same network with the software calculating mixture physical properties where the streams combine.

Drag and drop piping elements from a component palette onto the flowsheet and rubber band connecting pipes. Build the pipe network in orthogonal or isometric view. Display any entered or calculated data on the flowsheet, the flowsheet updates immediately on any change of data or calculation.

Communicate your work in Word, HTML or Excel format or use the in-built report writer.

Real-time analysis can be achieved by using the scripting module to program sequential calculations for instance to calculate the falling pressure in a receiver over time and to control equipment actions such as switching on a compressor when the receiver pressure reaches a set value.

  • Comprehensive fluids database containing physical and thermodynamic properties of more than 850 fluids
  • Huge range of pipeline equipment items in user-definable databases
  • Advanced compressible flow simulator.

FluidFlow3 can simulate the performance of almost any type of line equipment in pipe systems of unlimited size and complexity.

FluidFlow3’s unique non-Newtonian and slurry module utilises the following correlations: Bingham, power-law, Herschel- Bulkley, Durand, Wilson-Addie-Clift and WASP.

Hytran - water hammer simulation:

Hytran from Accutech, simulate water hammer in single pipelines and pipe networks. Hytran helps to build model using simple drag-and-drop graphical entry of pipe and boundary condition details.

Hytran’s advanced graphical display aids the understanding of the water hammer phenomenon and the effect of control devices.

You can see the pressure waves propagate throughout the pipe system, reflecting from boundaries, superimposing etc all in real time. Or select specific locations to display the variation of pressure with time.

Available control devices include air chambers, air valves, discharge tanks, surge tanks, and stand pipes plus non-return and control valves.

Fathom, arrow, impulse:

Applied Flow Technology’s suite of three programs covers steady-state and transient analysis - Fathom for liquid flows, Arrow for gas flows and Impulse for water hammer. All have a similar user-interface.

Fathom and Arrow:

Solves flow distribution in general pipe networks

  • Handles branches, loops and open or closed systems
  • Built in pressure losses for almost 400 components
  • Multiple pumps and fans
  • PRVs, PSVs and FCVs
  • Sprays and nozzles (Fathom only)
  • Standard loss models for expansions, contractions, tees, wyes, elbows, valves, orifices and screens
  • Large networks


Solves water hammer and surge transients in general pipe networks

  • Up to 1000 pipes and 315 junctions
  • Pump transients
  • Control valve transients
  • Relief valve transients
  • Vapour cavitation and liquid column separation.

AFT’s unique Scenario Manager allows multiple versions of the same model to be linked in a parent/child relationship powerful method of handling many ‘what if’ simulations.

Gasworks for natural gas reticulation:

Gasworks provides an extensive set of network modelling tools for the design and analysis of distribution, gathering and plant piping systems containing natural gas and other compressible fluids.

The Gasworks suite comprises two programs:

Gasworks - the main design tool incorporating a graphical display of the piping model.

Gasbase - a database for maintaining customer information such as customer loads, pipe data, asset data and other non-model information.

Gasworks allows a choice of gas flow equations to be used including the user’s own equation.

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