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article image Screen display of a control valve calculation.

MEASUREMENT, control and protection are the basic essentials of any process flow system.

Accutech 2000 P/L’s InstruCalc 6.1 provides a software platform that allows the design and selection of a wide range of flow measuring, control and protection devices.

The software also includes a formal database of equipment and the production of standard data sheets and summary reports. InstruCalc 6.1 operates in SI units as well as the US Customary System of Units.

InstruCalc comprises four modules - Control Valves, ISO Flow Elements, Relief Devices and Process Engineering Data.

The Control Valves module handles liquid, gas, steam and 2-phase flow, detecting flashing and calculating valve noise. The capability to design and select a valve for normal conditions and then to simulate its performance at maximum and minimum conditions is useful.

The Flow Elements module contains 17 liquid or gas flow measuring devices including orifice plates, nozzles and venturis, all complying with ISO 5167.

Relief Devices such as pressure-relief valves and rupture discs are calculated according to API or ASME.

The Process Engineering Data module calculates line pressure drop, water hammer and the physical properties of fluids.

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