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Hytran waterhammer developed by Accutech

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Hytran waterhammer and surge analysis in pipe systems solves water hammer and surge transients in pumped and pipe flow systems advanced graphical display aids understanding of waterhammer phenomenon and effect of control devices simple graphical entry of pipe and boundary condition details.

The goal in developing Hytran by Accutech , apart from being an accurate analytical tool, was to produce software that is simple to use and able to impart a better understanding of the water hammer phenomenon.

Seeing real time transient graphics flashing across the display screen takes away much of the mystery that seems to surround this topic.

Users to note the following when running the simulation:

Instantaneous pressure variation with time along the pipeline is plotted. Pressure variation with time at three fixed locations is shown in the insert Window (the locations are identified by coloured vertical lines on the pipe, e.g. the blue line at the pump).

Flow direction is indicated by the red and blue arrows in the pipe. Column separation is identified by black dots in the pipe at the upstream high point.

User needs an appropriate viewer loaded onto the computer to run this AVI file, e.g. RealPlayer.

Using Hytran is a simple 3-step process 1. Build the pipe system, simply click and drag the pipe into position using the auto-scaling feature, then adjust pipe lengths and elevations to correct values.

Mouse driven drag-and-drop 16 Boundary Conditions (BC's): pumps, valves etc. No limit on the number of pipes, nodes or BC's Pipe nodes may be snapped together. Drag and drop BC's to nodes. C

Comprehensive pump options: fail, start, shut and run. Input data dialogs at a click. Visual indicator to show input data is required.

Network can be drawn on an elevation or plan view. Zooming facilities are available. Simple graphical editing of pipeline cut and pastes BC's.

Edit the pipeline and BC's at any time. Delete pipes and nodes. Try different BC's without having to edit external files.

Extensive network checks to minimise errors:

Set the boundary conditions, Hytran will model the following 16 Boundary Conditions and control devices:

Air chamber, air valve, atmospheric discharge, check valve, dead end, discharge tank, downstram reservoirs, downstream valve, draw off Inline valve, pressure regulating valve, pressure relief valve, pump surge tank and turbine upstream reservoir.

Run the transients:

User can actually see the instantaneous transient HGL as the pressure transients travel the pipeline.

Transients at user-defined at fixed points along the pipeline can also be displayed in real time.

The sneak preview illustrates this.

Hytran allows real time display of the instantaneous transients along pipe profile. View transients at any location in the pipeline network.

Flow direction in pipes showing influence on transients.

Column separation indictor when cavitation occurs.

Extensive output listing. User can print transient’s plots directly or customise graphs via spreadsheet.

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