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Accutech 2000 offer AFT Fathom fluid flow analysis software

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article image AFT Fathom fluid analysis software from Accutech 2000

AFT Fathom provides comprehensive, incompressible pipe flow analysis and system modelling capabilities. The easy to use software goes beyond the boundaries of fluid flow analysis and can be seen as an extension of the engineers mind.

The AFT Fathom fluid flow analysis software addresses open and closed loop systems and includes a built-in library of fluids and fittings, variable model configurations, pump and control valve modelling and more.

A thermo-physical database of over 600 fluids is available with the Chempak add-in allowing the engineer to expand the scope of their analysis and design.

Thermal analysis capabilities address piping heat transfer, heat exchanger modelling and varying fluid properties.

AFT Fathom solves the governing equations of pipe flow using a robust solver with proven matrix methods, all readily accessible via an advanced visual interface.

Engineers are able to focus on their system and not the mechanics of software manipulation using features such as the drop-and-drag model building function and fully customisable output. The software’s scenario manager assesses possible situations.

Multiple system configurations varying by any modelling parameter are easily managed within a single model file with a familiar hierarchical interface. Changes in the base model are automatically inherited by dependent design cases.

AFT Fathom is more than flow analysis software; it allows piping systems to be built in software. The software can replicate real systems and vary pipe sizes, pump curves, valve settings, fluid properties and the operating line-up.

The analysis flow software allows analyse and insight to assist in designing new systems, modifying existing systems or analysing system operations to significantly improve the quality of systems engineering and produce less expensive, more efficient and reliable piping systems.

For further information on AFT Fathom fluid analysis software, please call Accutech 2000 .

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