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Top FAQs about filling equipment
25.04.2016 - Pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical, building products and food and beverage industries rely on efficient packing and filling equipment.
How to choose the right bulk packaging system for your business
18.04.2016 - Companies planning to invest in a complete bulk packaging system should first consider a few important factors before making the final decision.
Further recognition for AccuPak by global robotic palletising giant, Fuji
13.04.2016 - AccuPak recently received a Certificate of Sales Authorisation from global giant, Fuji.
Carton erector for bag-in-box vegetable oils supplied by Budpak / Accuweigh
03.11.2011 - Budpak / Accuweigh recently commissioned and installed an automatic carton erector as part of a turnkey drum and bag-in-box filling line designed to package vegetable oils.
Budpak / Accuweigh supplies bag filling machine for landscaping materials
13.10.2011 - Budpak / Accuweigh recently supplied a bag filling machine to Skippen’s Landscape and Building Supplies in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.
Budpak’s bulk bag fillers supplied to Australian company for major export contract
07.10.2011 - The Newcastle branch of Budpak / Accuweigh recently supplied two bulk bag fillers to an Australian engineering company as part of a major export contract.
Transfer R automatic valve bag placers from Budpak / Accuweigh suitable for any working environment
11.08.2011 - Available from Budpak / Accuweigh (AccuPak), model Transfer/R automatic valve bag placers are specifically designed for use with paper, polypropylene and polyethylene valve bags.
Pallet Dispensers now available from Budpak / Accuweigh
24.06.2011 - Available now from Budpak / Accuweigh, the Pallet Dispenser is designed to automatically dispense pallets from a magazine stack to the robot palletiser loading station.
Budpak / Accuweigh offers VA25 valve baggers
29.04.2011 - VA25 valve baggers, now supplied by Budpak / Accuweigh, are totally self-contained units that are feature a dual-stage filling design that ensures consistent and repeatable accuracy.
Be Monoblock Automatic Box Formers available from Budpak / Accuweigh
23.11.2010 - Budpak / Accuweigh introduces the Be Monoblock Automatic Box Formers with fully automatic system for erection and bottom flaps folding.
AccuPack Pick and Place Denesting Machines available from Budpak / Accuweigh
22.11.2010 - Budpak / Accuweigh is a distributor of the AccuPack brand of Pick and Place Denesting Machines, designed to automate the separation of the product packing containers from their stack.
Bag Turners from Budpak / Accuweigh Installed on Animal Feeds Line
05.11.2010 - A bag turner from Budpak / Accuweigh was recently installed at Mitavite’s Somersby plant on the NSW Central Coast for their animal feeds filling line.
Single head liquid filling machines available from Budpak / Accuweigh
29.10.2010 - Available from Budpak / Accuweigh, single head liquid filling machines are Australian designed and manufactured and are capable of handling foaming and non-foaming liquid products.
Loading station pallet conveyors available from Budpak / Accuweigh
28.10.2010 - Available from Budpak / Accuweigh, loading station pallet conveyors have a heavy duty design and construction.
ESSE GI F1200 vertical form fill seal machines available from Budpak / Accuweigh
26.10.2010 - Available from Budpak / Accuweigh, ESSE GI F1200 vertical form fill seal machines are capable of filling and sealing large capacity bags up to 50kg.
Bagging System for SA Fertiliser Supplier from Budpak / Accuweigh
22.09.2010 - A bagging system was recently commissioned for Cawte Industries at Murray Bridge in South Australia by Budpak / Accuweigh.
Budpak updates CSR Malaysia’s linear weighers
09.08.2010 - Accuweigh’s Budpak Newcastle branch is currently supplying upgraded weighing controllers for three linear weighers at CSR’s sugar operations in Malaysia.
Heat sealer for animal feeds blender
22.09.2009 - Budpak’s Newcastle branch recently installed a Newlong heat sealer as part of a complete bagging line recently installed for Bathurst Specialty Blending in NSW.
Bud-pak supply Accupak liquid filling systems to Cargill
06.04.2009 - Bud-pak supply liquid filling systems as part of a new drum and bag-in-box filling line for Cargill’s Kooragang island plant in Newcastle. The Accupak liquid filling systems are designed for filling n
Bud-Pak bulk bag fillers operating deep in Congo
03.04.2009 - Two bulk bag fillers, available from Bud-Pak, were exported to the Democratic Republic of Congo for filling bulk bags at a new tailings re-treatment facility.
Bud-Pak install Technipes PR-1 pallet stretch wrapper at Cotton Seed Distributors Westbrook plant
23.03.2009 - Bud-Pak have installed a compact pallet stretch wrapper at Cotton Seed Distributors’ new Westbrook plant. The Technipes pallet stretch wrapper is suitable for applications with limited space due to it
Bud-Pak install Technipes LS-DP bag sealer at Cotton Seed Distributors
24.02.2009 - Bud-Pak recently installed automatic bag sealing equipment at Cotton Seed Distributors’ new Westbrook plant, near Toowoomba. The automatic bag sealer line is a part of a turnkey supply for filling, ba
Bud-Pak bag fillers used at United Farmers plant
23.02.2009 - Bud-Pak’s dual bag fillers are being used for filling bags, cartons and pails with fertiliser at the United Farmers plant in Bibra Lake, Western Australia. The G-NSP(S) bag fillers were installed in 2
Bud-Pak liquid fillers for Cargill’s vegetable oils
28.11.2008 - Bud-Pak have recently received an order for liquid fillers and packaging system, including liquid fillers, bag closing, metal detection, palletising and wrapping equipment. One of Bud-Pak sister companies, AASoftware, will be providing all software i
Bud-Pak pallet wrapper for Cargill’s Vegetable Oils
27.11.2008 - Bud-Pak supply pallet wrapper as part of a new liquid filling and packaging system for Cargill’s Kooragang Island plant in Newcastle. The semi-automatic pallet wrapper will be wrapping pallets loaded with either drums or cartons (bag-in-box) of veget
Palletising robot for stacking cement bags avaialble from BudPak
24.11.2008 - A Fuji-Ace EC-141 palletising robot was supplied by Budpak for stacking bags of cement at the Port Melbourne plant of Independent Cement & Lime. The filled bags are conveyed to the Fuji-Ace palletising robot for stacking onto empty pallets supplied f
Arthur Yates use Bud-Pak’s DNC LINE pallet wrapper
24.10.2008 - The DNC LINE pallet wrapper, supplied by Bud-Pak, is stretch wrapping pallets of fertiliser and potting mix at the Mount Druitt plant of Arthur Yates.
Drum fillers from Bud-Pak for vegetable oil processor
15.10.2008 - Bud-Pak supply drum fillers as a part of a new drum filling and packaging line for Cargill’s Kooragang Island plant in Newcastle. The Accupak twin head drum filler is designed for filling non-foaming products and will be used for filling two 20 litre
Bud-Pak’s DNC LINE turntable pallet wrapper for United Farmers
04.09.2008 - The DNC LINE turntable, available from Bud-Pak, is a top end pallet wrapper that is suitable for integration into production lines as the LINE pallet wrapper accepts different configurations of pallet infeed and outfeed without requiring further cust
Bud-Pak’s Fuji-Ace EC-61 palletising robot for Arumpo Bentonite
28.08.2008 - Bud-Pak recently sold a palletising robot for stacking filled bags of sodium bentonite to Arumpo Bentonite, based in Mildura. The Fuji-Ace EC-61 palletising robot will be fitted with a dust jacket for palletising 300 x 25kg bags of bentonite per hour
Bulk bag filling stations from Bud-Pak
06.08.2008 - Bud-Pak is supplying two bulk bag filling stations for the Anode Services Plant at the Qatalum site in Qatar. Both bulk bag filling stations will operate as net weight fillers.
DNC Junior pallet wrappers from Bud-Pak
21.05.2008 - The DNC Junior pallet wrapper available from Bud-Pak meets all the expected performance and versatility for a semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine using film or net.
Bagging equipment and turn-key packaging systems from Bud-Pak
01.04.2008 - Bud-Pak manufactures and supplies quality bagging equipment and turn-key packaging systems.
Bud-Pak supplies robot palletisers to Arthur Yates
20.03.2008 - Bud-Pak supplied and commissioned three Fuji-Ave robot palletisers at the Arthur Yates plant in Wyee NSW during 1998 for palletising bags of fertilizer, potting mixes and dynamic lifter.
Bud-Pak’s net weighers for Central Sugars Refinery
27.02.2008 - Bud-Pak has won an order to supply two Bud-Pak retail net weighers to Central Sugars Refinery in Malaysia with the probability of another order for multiple net weighers after commissioning.
Bud-Pak installs valve bag fillers, palletiser and stretch wrapper line at Cemix Product
27.02.2008 - Bud-Pak has installed a complete bagging line for Cemix Product’s Auckland NZ plant including twin valve bag packers to fill bags with cement which are then conveyed to the Fuji-Ace EC-101 robot palletiser.
Bud-Pak’s automatic stretch wrapper installed at Building Product Supplies
27.02.2008 - Bud-Pak has supplied and installed a DNC model LINE stretch wrapper to one of its existing robot palletizer installations at Building Product Supplies in Beresfield NSW.
Bud-Pak’s palletiser for Mons & Affleck plant in Tasmania
27.02.2008 - A robot palletiser installed by Bud-Pak is used for stacking bags of stockfeeds onto pallets at the Mons & Affleck plant in Tasmania.
Bulk Bag Filling Line For Heavy Minerals from Bud-Pak
20.02.2008 - A Bud-Pak bulk bag filling system has been installed for filling bulk bags with heavy mineral concentrates at a rate of 10 x 2000kg bulk bags per hour.
Bud-Pak’s stretch wrapper used by Tyre Crumb
17.01.2008 - A Bud-Pak supplied semi-automatic stretch wrapper has been used to wrap loaded pallets at Tyre Crumb’s processing plant based in Broadmeadows, VIC.
Nett weigh bag filling scale available from Bud-Pak
19.12.2007 - A Bud-Pak supplied dual head, net weigh bagging scale is used to fill bags, cartons and pails with fertiliser at the United Farmers plant in Bibra Lake, Western Australia.
BudPak Robot Palletizer for Horse Feeds Manufacturer
04.12.2007 - A Fuji-Ace Robot Palletizer is used to stack bags of horse feeds at a manufacturing plant in Melbourne’s western suburbs.
Robot palletiser installed at United Farmers WA plant
15.11.2007 - In 2004, Bud-Pak installed a complete bagging and palletising line for the Bibra Lake fertilizer plant of United Farmers in WA.
Bud-Pak’s robot palletiser stacks bags of mineral sands
12.11.2007 - Bud-Pak has supplied and commissioned a Fuji-Ace EC-101 robot palletiser and 2 custom pickup conveyors at Consolidated Rutile's Pinkenbahplant.
Bud-Pak’s palletising robot handles dual product lines simultaneously
09.11.2007 - A Fuji-Ace EC-101 robot palletiser competently stacks product coming from two different filling lines at the same time.
Fuji-Ace’s EC-201 learning robot palletiser from Bud-Pak
07.11.2007 - A Fuji-Ace learning robot palletiser was installed to allow on-site re-programming to be done to cater for the constantly changing bags sizes and capacities.
Bud-Pak installs retail net weighers at Harwood Sugar plant
05.11.2007 - Bud-Pak installed a retail packaging line at the Harwood Sugar plant in Manilda, northern NSW.
Building Products Supplies uses Bud-Pak’s palletising and stretch wrapping solution
01.11.2007 - Bud-Pak provided a palletising and stretch wrapping solution to Building Products Supplies in Wollongong for handling bags of Premix.
New robot palletiser available from Bud-Pak
31.10.2007 - In 2004, Bud-Pak returned to the Harwood Sugar plant to install and commission an end-of-line palletising system for their DC raw sugar line.
New gross weighers available from Bud-Pak
08.10.2007 - The GW series of gross weighers from Bud-Pak is designed for simple, low speed applications required in many industries.
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