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First aid room equipment and kits available from Accidental Health and Safety

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A first aid room must be provided and maintained at any construction site at which more than 100 persons work or at any other workplace at which more than 200 persons work. (Source: NSW WorkCover First Aid In the Workplace Guide). 

Accidental Health and Safety supply a range of first aid room equipment, first aid kits and first aid supplies to establish and support first aid rooms. Accidental Health and Safety assist employers to establish and maintain their first aid room facilities to properly care for their employees and visitors in an emergency. Being emergency ready with a properly equipped first aid room will assist to meet first aid duty of care responsibilities as an employer.

The Accidental Health and Safety first aid room range includes products such as first aid examination couch and step-up stools, sturdy stretchers for every need, privacy screens, stainless steel dressing trolleys, wheelchairs, oxygen equipment, defibrillators, and first aid kits and a range of first aid or ancillary products. Accidental Health and Safety can also recommend on any additional requirements employers need to meet in order to establish a workable first aid room on their sites that suit the specific industry or venue needs.

A proper first aid room enhances the safety and emergency readiness of employers’ workplace Accidental Health and Safety can also advise employers on all areas of first aid for their workplace. Accidental Health and Safety advise on the best locations on the employers’ site, for their first aid kits and other emergency first aid equipment such as emergency first aid burn kits and emergency first aid eye wash stations or equipment.

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