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Pipe and cable locators form Access Detection

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Access Detection  specialises in underground detection services. Access Detection provides quality services related to underground service locations, water/gas leak detection, telecommunications, diesel control and shut down systems. Access Detection has 25 years experience in the industry.

Access Detection recently purchased Advanced Underground Solutions and with combined effort offers quality solution to the industry. Access Detection offers an extensive range of underground detection solution which includes pipe and cable locators, CCTV inspection products, leak detection systems, Power and Telco products, engine control systems, etc. Pipe and cable locators form Access Detection are made available as Professional locators, Cable Avoidance products, Non metallic pipe locators, Combination systems and Pit, Lid and Marker locators.

Professional locators from Access Detection are of various types which includes RD4000 Pipe and Cable locator, Rycom 8880 Pipe, Cable and Fault locator, Rycom 8879 Pipe and cable locator, Rycom 8869 Pipe and Cable locator, Sewerin ELH6 G1 Pipe and Cable locator, Sewerin ELH 6 G2 Pipe and Cable locator, etc. Professional pipe and cable locators are has high speed DSP for speeding results and built in multi metre for measuring Ohms and Volts.

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