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Racks and shelves from Absolute Storage

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Absolute Storage  is a company involved in the supply of racks and shelves. Absolute Storage has been serving materials handling industry by supplying racks and shelves for about 15 years. Absolute Storage is also known as VB Equipment. VB Equipment trades its products by the name of Absolute Storage. Diverse range of services offered by Absolute Storage include computer aided design, repairs, live storage systems, cantilever racking, steel shelving, relocations, designing warehouse layouts as well as installs pallet racks. Absolute Storage has the capability of fulfilling any type of warehousing requirement.

Absolute Storage supplies pallet racking of Acrow as well as Dexion and Colby range. Acrow and Dexion pallet racking offered by Absolute Storage include Acrow beams, Acrow frames, Acrow racks, Dexion frames as well as Dexion beams. Frames have dimensions ranging to about 1.8 metres to six metres, while dimensions of beams range from 1370 millimetres to 3800 millimetres.

Absolute Storage also supplies rack types providing the option of raised storage area. This structure offers economic shelving options both above as well as under the floor and has a portable construction. Absolute Storage provides Starack boltless shelving. This boltless shelving can be assembled with ease and is a modular unit.

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