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Refresher courses for forklift and order pickers from Absolute Forklift Training

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Absolute Forklift Training  Sydney offers refresher training courses to keep companies and their operators up to speed with the latest technology and legislation surrounding forklift operation.

Ideal for companies interested in up-skilling their workers, Absolute Forklift Training’s corporate onsite forklift training program is conducted at the client’s workplace and involves a series of forklift training seminars with the employees, getting them licensed, refreshing their skills, or just familiarising them with all current forklift operating procedures and regulations.

Forklift refresher courses are a must for any safety conscious organisation that wants to keep their workers abreast of regulations, operating procedures and technologies just as they would update any equipment.

Regulations regarding forklifts and order pickers/ stock pickers are continually being updated but not many driver operators are aware of these changes. Non-compliance with regulations can cost the company thousands of dollars in compensation and insurance fees.

Absolute Forklift Training Sydney's forklift refresher courses aim to address this gap in knowledge and skills, and can be tailor made for the company’s specific needs.

All licenced forklift operators should undergo regular refresher training to keep themselves informed of new changes in regulations and site safety while also correcting poor driving and work routines.

Refresher training courses are conducted for LF counter balance and high reach forklift trucks and LO order pickers.

The refresher forklift training courses can be conducted at the client’s worksite or at Absolute Forklift Training’s training school. On completion of the training/evaluation, an individual report will be submitted for each operator, which will highlight specific deficiencies and areas of improvement.

Highlights of forklift truck certification training courses:

  • Operators will be instructed on how to conduct pre-work inspections, steering, load handling techniques, working around pedestrians, hazardous driving surfaces, emergency stopping and forklift securing
  • Course is specific to the make and model of equipment used at the client’s facility including forklift equipment, all-terrain forklifts, order pickers and pallet trucks
  • Operator skills will be evaluated to meet regulatory training requirements
  • Recommended 8 hours of training for new operators, and 4 hours of training for refresher classes and experienced operators depending on numbers
Key benefits of the forklift training courses:

  • Reduction of accidents and injuries
  • Greatly reduced workplace injury and downtime due to accidents
  • Increased safety awareness for all operators/ drivers
  • Reduced inventory and machine damage
  • Increased productivity with more efficient safe driving worksites
  • Reduction of company hotspot accidents and near misses at the workplace through training and risk assessment on-site during the refresher training

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