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Absolute Forklift Training offers onsite forklift training

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Forklift courses from Absolute Forklift Training can be delivered onsite at the client’s premises for the purpose of licensing operators, refreshing their skills and bringing them up-to-date with forklift-related procedures and regulations.

Licensed operators are a necessary component of safe forklift operations. Companies operating forklifts leave themselves vulnerable to workplace injuries and staff downtime when they work with unlicensed operators. With Absolute Forklift Training’s forklift courses, licensing need no longer be a painful or expensive exercise, and can be completed in no time.

Absolute Training Sydney will visit the client’s workplace to run forklift training seminars for their employees, getting them licensed, refreshing their skills, or just familiarising them with all current forklift operating procedures and regulations.

All forklift licence training courses comprise of the required theory and practical training elements of WorkCover licensing with direct supervision from qualified trainers. Employers will need to allocate small blocks of study and driving time (under supervision from a licenced operator) for their staff to prepare for the Forklift Licence Assessment.

Absolute Training Sydney courses are structured to suit the specific needs of staff and can range from refresher, after hours or weekend training to preparing for a licence test, all with minimal disruption to the workplace. The forklift operator can be licensed onsite or at Absolute Training’s modern training centre.

Absolute Training Sydney offers training package deals for licensing multiple staff. Training and licensing can be conducted right across NSW as well as the ACT by request. A key advantage of the training program is that the forklift courses can be conducted at the client’s workplace on their own equipment, increasing the safety and productivity of the worksite multi-fold.

Highlights of Onsite Forklift Training Courses Sydney: 

  • Consists of three face-to-face training sessions and the WorkCover licence test
  • Initial session runs for approximately 4 hours depending on student numbers
  • Session two and three are approx. 2 hours each in duration
  • Licence testing takes about 4-5 hours depending on student numbers
  • Each forklift training session is tailored closely around the client’s schedule with minimal disruption to business
  • Practical training can include normal workplace duties including unloading/loading of trucks, picking orders etc.
  • Theory and Calculation Study and Driving and Safety Checks Practice to be completed between trainers’ visits
Students will be trained and assessed in the following:

  • Driving and operating a forklift safely
  • Application legislation
  • Operator responsibilities
  • Design feature/ engineering principles
  • Stability characteristics
  • Operator inspections
  • Operating techniques
  • Pick-up and place loads
  • Manoeuvre/ position loads
  • Negotiate identify hazards indoor/outdoor
  • Correct parking and shutting down equipment
Course details

  • Introduction
  • Relevant Australian Standards, Legislation and Regulations
  • OHS/WHS policies
  • Codes of Practice
  • Manufacturers’ specifications and instructions
  • Risk assessment and hazards
  • Forklift attachments
  • Conducting routine checks and planning work
  • Safe operations
  • Shift load
  • Shut down equipment and secure site

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