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Automatic filtering systems available from Absolute Filters

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Absolute Filters  is a supplier of both general and specialist filtration systems. Absolute Filters is specialists in automatic filtering systems and can customise a filter/strainer system to suit a particular application.

Absolute Filters associated facilities can provide for the manufacturer of equipment to API 614 and 618 lubrication filtration standards. Facilities are available to fabricate ASME, AS1210, and nuclear pressure vessels. Absolute Filters warehouse a large assortment of filters and strainers to provide quick service and supply.

Products include:

  • Single filters and strainers
  • Dual-duplex filters and strainers
  • Manual and fully automatic filters and strainers
  • Gravity, medium and high pressure filters to 10,000 PISG
  • Vacuum pump inlet filters and exhaust filters
  • Instrumentation protection filters
  • Cartridge filters
  • Specialist membrane and coalescing filters for gases and high purity air requirements
  • Environmental modular systems for raw water treatment, waste - water recycling and disinfection
  • New liquid-liquid centrifugal separators for the separation of liquids of varying specific gravity, for example oil in water.
  • Centrasep centrifuge which can refine liquid products down to 1 micron. Centrasep Centrifuge is constructed of 316 stainless steel this system lends itself to the industrious application where automation is essential.

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