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Absolute Filters installs Airpel dual filter at Honda Cars

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Company: Honda Cars (Belgium)

Application: Thermal oil water recuperation in a de-wax installation; cars coming from Japan need to be de-waxed (protection during transport) before sending them to the distributors; cleaning by using water, kerosene and wax under high pressure (15 bar); this results in a new, thin foil sticking to the cars for protection during transport towards Belgian distributors; the fluid and fibres from the foil on the floor are removed with water that needs to be recycled through a filter.

Order: Dual filter OW/S/WB 2” 1.6mm + DPI’s

Problem: Cleaning of installed Y-Type strainer cost too much time and small filtration surface results in too frequent cleaning.

Solution: Absolute Filters installed Airpel dual filter which guarantee a continuous flow, a larger filtration surface and a quick release cover for fast cleaning.


  • Continuous operation due to a simple changeover operation
  • Cost reduced due to less and faster cleaning, thus reducing down time.

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