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Wide range of blast room systems from Abrasive Blasting Service & Supplies

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Abrasive Blasting Service & Supplies  provides blast room systems, recovery blast room systems, recovery systems, full recovery systems and portable blast room equipment.

The blast room systems includes features such as down draught ventilation and pneumatic conveying in the same air movement as well as elimination of mechanical parts from the abrasive conveying system and clear visibility. Abrasive Blasting Service and Supplies offers partial and full abrasive recovery systems, blast room structures, ventilation dust collectors and work handling equipment. Abrasive Blasting Service & Supplies provides complete design and project management services to its clients.

Recovery blast rooms have key benefits such as partial recovery floor
blast room, recovery modules, double swing doors at both the ends and track and trolley work conveyor.

Full recovery systems include benefits such as full recovery blast room, work trolley and track conveyor system. The system runs on multiple operators and uses all common abrasives. The systems are built in various sizes to suit specific needs

Portable blast rooms include features such as partial recovery, single recovery module, window, gloves as well as work bench for operation process. The system is available in various sizes.

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