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Wide range of bags and gloves from Able Plastics

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Able Plastics  supplies quality products such as bags, sheeting, gloves, aprons, shoe covers, pillow covers, mattress protection and protective clothing materials to the healthcare, food manufacturing and general industries.

Able Plastics supplies a wide range of bags which includes autoclave bags, blender bags, carry bags, body bags and mortuary wraps, custom made bags, drum liners, freezer bags, infectious waste bags, light excluding bags, locker bags, patient clothing bags, patient record bags, piping bags, poly bags, resalable poly bags, rubbish bags, bin liners, singlet bags and specimen bags. Able Plastics also supplies bags to suit specific requirements.

Able Plastics offers specialised bags, sample bags and autoclave bags with indicator for pathology labs and science areas.

Able Plastics supplies an extensive range of examination gloves to healthcare institutions and industry. Range of gloves includes latex lightly powdered gloves, latex no powder gloves, vinyl lightly powdered gloves, vinyl non powder gloves, vinyl blue lightly powdered gloves, vinyl blue no powder gloves, nitrile lightly powdered gloves and nitrile no powder gloves.

Able Plastics supplies gloves which have ISO9001 accreditation and TGA approval with selected models. The gloves also have FDA (USA) and CE (Europe) approval.

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