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Shoe covers, pillow covers and mattress protectors from Able Plastics

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Able Plastics  offers shoe covers, pillow covers, mattress protection and protective clothing. From waterproof CPE shoe covers to PP shoe covers with a printed tire track grip, Able Plastics supplies a wide range of shoe covers which are suitable for healthcare and manufacturing environments.

Able Plastics have utilised extra features into its shoe cover range. For instance, the standard CPE shoe covers are 20% thicker than the standard available models. Able Plastics also supplies oversize CPE shoe covers to meet specific needs.

Able Plastics supplies non-slip PP shoe covers and anti-skid waterproof shoe covers. The non-slip PP shoe covers are treated with an anti-static formula while the anti-skid waterproof shoe covers have a unique diamond embossing to give improved grip.

Able Plastics supplies pillow covers and mattress protectors which are made from waterproof and breathable fabrics. Mattress protectors are available in a wide range of formats such as Macintosh sheets, on roll sanitized and flame retardant film, zippered mattress protectors and elasticised mattress covers. Pillow covers are soft, breathable and waterproof fabric and are available in zip and tuck in styles.

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