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Wide range of surface coatings from Ability Concrete Colour Pigments

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Ability Concrete Colour Pigments  offers a wide range of colourful paint and coatings. The coatings are formulated to improve a surface appearance such as its colour, durability, abrasion-resistance qualities and sunlight resistance. The surface coatings help in binding and sealing the surface and offer long-lasting protection against extreme weather conditions.

The surface coatings from Ability Concrete Colour Pigments prevent a concrete surface from dusting, rejuvenate old surfaces and protect surfaces from salty, chemical or industrial environments. Ability Concrete Colour Pigments offers a range of surface coatings such as Duro-Kote which is a heavy duty and high performance sealer coating, and Duro-Seel surface coating which is a liquid curing compound that protects, colours and waterproofs existing cast-in-place concrete.

Dy-On-Crete is yet another ultra-durable, water-based surface coating from Ability Concrete Colour Pigments that is extensively used to make artificial rocks and helps in sealing, protecting and enhancing concrete, cement render, fibro-cement panels, planks and similar surfaces. Diamond-Kote is an industrial water-based epoxy floor coating.

In addition to offering a wide range of surface coating, Ability Concrete Colour Pigments also offers mineral oxide pigments and admixtures. Mineral oxide pigments are used for colouring concrete, mortar and asphalt.

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