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Mineral oxide pigments from Ability Concrete Colour Pigments

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Ability Concrete Colour Pigments  specialises in manufacturing mineral oxide pigments for colouring concrete, mortar and asphalt. Other than building and construction industries, a number of significant industries also use an extensive range of abilox mineral oxide pigments.

Ability Concrete Colour Pigments has recently added nine new colours to its abilox range. The new colours offer a variety of colour palettes. Through significant research and development, Ability Concrete Colour Pigments has manufactured an extensive range of state-of-the-art admixtures. The admixtures help in improving and enhancing concretes, mortars and asphalt. The admixtures also aids in productivity and lower costs.

In addition to manufacturing a wide range of mineral oxide pigments, Ability Concrete Colour Pigments also produces surface coatings that are extensively used in the building and construction industries. The surface coatings are durable and last for a long time.

Ability Concrete Colour Pigments manufactures a wide range of fine, UV resistant mineral oxide colouring pigments. Abilox powder colourants are used for permanent and surface colouring concrete, mortar, asphalt, surface coatings, caulks and sealants, applied finishes, adhesives and other composite products and materials.

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