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Admixtures and colourant products from Ability Concrete Colour Pigments

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Ability Concrete Colour Pigments  manufactures performance enhancing admixture products for making high, durable concrete and mortar construction. The admixture is a 100 percent active rapid mixing powder admixture that is also used for improving the application and performance properties of many types of pre-cast concrete such as architectural façade panels, units, wall masonry and rendering, mortars, wall and floor paver and tile grouts.

Ability Concrete Colour Pigments offers a wide range of premium admixtures that are mostly available in easy-to-use powder form. The admixtures are waterproof and weatherproof concrete that help prevent leaking. The admixture has control efflorescence to ensure an attractive finish and makes a bleed-free concrete. The admixture helps in manufacturing all types of moulded or pre-cast concrete products with a dense, hard, porcelain-like surface finish.

The abilox range from Ability Concrete Colour Pigments is a sunlight resistant inorganic colourant product that is used for manufacturing concrete repair, rejuvenation and self levelling pavement and flooring compounds. The colourant product is available in an extensive range of colourfast powder colourants including lightfast, durable cobalt blues and chromium oxide based greens.

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