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Office chairs available from Abcon Office Furniture

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According to Abcon Office Furniture , the ideal sort are the standard clerical-type office chairs and not the large, high-backed reclining types which some people think mistakenly are guaranteed to be comfortable.

Good office chair needs the following features:

  • Adjustable in height- A separately adjustable backrest that can bring forwards into the small of the back, as well as (preferably) altering vertically to suit the trunk length
  • A seat short enough to allow the user to get full back support without the front edge of the seat pushing into the back of their legs
  • A five-star base (for stability)
  • A curved, ‘waterfall’ front
  • Well padded – users should not be able to feel the seat base under the padding when they are slumped heavily in the chair

Armrests are usually unnecessary and can get in the way or push the shoulders up, so Abcon Office Furniture suggest people to consider a chair without them.

Learn how to adjust office chairs

  • Alter its height until the shoulders are relaxed, not slumped, in the working position
    adjust the backrest into the small of user back
  • Ensure the seat pan is flat or sloping upwards (never downwards) at the front
  • Use a footrest if there is any pressure under user’s thighs. Alternatively, lower their desk as well as the office chair

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