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Spacemaker storage solutions from Abax Systems

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Spacemaker Storage Systems from Abax Systems are suitable for commercial filing & storage, library/education, museum/archival, government, industrial, health care, architectural/interior design. Abax Spacemaker Mobile Storage Systems are manufactured with different colour specification.
Spacemaker Storage Systems are designed to fit virtually any area, providing upto 60 per cent space saving. These versatile storage systems provides a wide range of mobile storage solutions suitable for general office/filing systems, medical/X-ray records, parts, back of store and archival storage. Spacemaker products includes mobile shelving systems, storage and personal cabinets, pedestals, hazard resistant cabinets etc.
Cabinets from Spacemaker includes Lockers, key cabinets, Security cabinets, Receding door cabinets and Swing door cabinets.

Spacemaker Key cabinets are used in offices, home, warehouse, shops and real estate. Key cabinets are made from metals and can be easily installed and can be mounted on walls. Key cabinets are provided with lock and key. These cabinets are given durable powder coat finish.

Spacemaker Lockers are offered with free stands to meet the personal storage requirements and these lockers are available with single, double, triple doors and are ideal for schools, clubs, office and factories.

Security cabinets includes confidential cabinets and drawers. Confidential cabinets offers additional security needed for sensitive and confidential documents in commercial environment. Features of Confidential cabinets includes Smooth easy glide door mechanism, Indirect locking system prevents the force applied while locking.
Confidential drawers have anti-tilt mechanism which prevents the opening of all drawers at a time, Indirect locking system is provided, Has a double skin top which prevents access to top drawer and the locking system. Security cabinets locks are made from La guard keypad or Bilock key systems.

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