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Wide range of educational products from Abacus Educational Suppliers

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Abacus Educational Suppliers  provides a wide range of educational focus products for middle school students. Educational focus products include dice, fractions, geoboards, geoshapes, geometric shapes, jars and magnetic whiteboard aids.

Other varieties of educational products includes measuring length, measuring capacity, measuring time, measuring temperature, measuring weather, measuring weight, math games, mirrors, money. multipurpose trolley, numero, pattern blocks, pattern shapes, playing cards, sorting and counting, spinners, students essentials and transparent storage products.

Abacus Educational Suppliers offers a variety of math educational products which includes board games, calculators, chance and probability, construction sticks, crossword maths, cubes, dice, dominoes, fractions, gears, geoboards, geometric shapes, jars and buckets, magnetic linking tiles, magnetic whiteboard aids, magnets for whiteboards, mat and floor games, math kits, mirrors, Mobilo octoplay, Interstar, money and Morphun.

Range of science educational products includes adhesives, animal x rays, big books, clock making, electricity, gears, wheel, and axles, storage solutions, inflatable insects, laboratory supplies, light, colour and sound products, magnetism, magnifiers and microscopes, mirrors, modelmaking, multipurpose storage units, pulleys, science projects kits, storage jars, storage boxes, the human body, thermometers, tools for schools, water studies, working with balsa, working with wood, working with straws and many more similar products.

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