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Maths and science educational products from Abacus Educational Suppliers

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Abacus Educational Suppliers , established in 1987, specialises in providing maths and science equipment to early childhood and middle school students. Abacus Educational Suppliers ensures that its products provide a definite educational focus to all the students.

Recently, Abacus Educational Suppliers has expanded its product range to meet the needs of early childhood and middle school students. The products include support material which complements hands-on equipment. In addition to this product range, Abacus Educational Suppliers also supplies an extensive range of merit stickers and personalised magnets.

Lists of resources to support primary investigations and primary connections also feature significantly in the Abacus Educational Suppliers product range. Abacus Educational Suppliers constantly sources for new and innovative products from various countries.

Educational products for early years include Construction-Kid K’Nex. This range includes classroom set, creatures set and transportation sets. Construction-Meccano Mobilo includes junior construction 150+ piece set and Mobilo giant bucket.

Construction Mini Geofix includes miniature version of geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, pentagons and hexagons in crystal fluorescent colours for maximum visual impact.

Abacus Educational Suppliers also offers activity cards, reading games, calculators, fractions, playing cards, number games, sorting and counting and many similar types of educational focus products.

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