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Tailor-made robot palletising systems from AZ-Pak Systems

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AZ-Pak Systems  are providers of robot palletising systems. In addition to sales, AZ-Pak Systems also offer service, installations, spares, training and commissioning of Fuji-Ace robotic systems. The product range from AZ-Pak Systems includes Fuji-Ace (Palletising Robots) gross and net weighers, inline check-weighers and metal detectors, Newlong bagging machines, air compressors,. There are screw feeders, belt fed weighers, in-line sewing machines, inline tub fillers and stretch wrappers available from AZ-Pak Systems.

AZ-Pak Systems offer turn-key solutions that range from supply hopper to completed wrapped pallets. AZ-Pak Systems undertake the designing of a fully automatic or basic system according to the client specifications. These systems are Australian made, while the Fuji-Ace Robot is made in Japan. For all Fuji-Ace Robots, AZ-Pak Systems provide immediate fault finding solutions and diagnostics.

In 2008, AZ-PAK Systems undertook the installation of a robotic palletising line at Mossman Central Sugar. In addition to a Fuji-Ace EC-201 robot palletiser, AZ-PAK Systems also installed a range of conveyers. The installed system has the ability to process up to 1600 bags of sugar in an hour. The Fuji-Ace EC-201 robot is equipped with a reject control software interface that is designed to reject bags that contain metal and those that are underweight.

AZ-PAK Systems, with the help of mercury scale controllers, converted the sugar factory’s existing Yamato scales to offer 25 bag per minute scale combination. A solution to allow a forklift driver to remove a completed pallet safely while the robot continued with the loading of the second or third was also set up at the sugar factory.

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