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Bag filling and printing systems from AZ-Pak Systems

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AZ-Pak Systems  provide bag filling and bag printing systems. There are systems suitable for bulk bag filling stations, one man operation filling stations and inline metal detectors for bag filling operations.

For tonne bulk bag applications, AZ-Pak Systems offer the tonne IBC bulk bag filling stations. These are one man operated filling stations and suitable for large scale applications. AZ-Pak Systems also provide simple bulk bag design that delivers 10 bags per minute because of its simple design and operation.

The one man operation bulk bag applications include stations wherein the pallet sits on the floor and the forklift truck removes the filed bag. This automated process increases productivity and efficiency. The standard one man operation includes stations where the scale controller is close by, offering ease of operation to the operator.

AZ-Pak Systems also sell Newlong bagging machines. They are fully automatic, facilitating time saving and enhanced productivity. There are machines available for sewing operations too. Models available are the Newlong 3cm bagging machine, Newlong bag pick-up for paper bags and Newlong 3cm-PDS for sugar applications. There are Newlong NEWLONG Newlong 3cm-PDS bagging machines with AZ-Pak Systems scales also available.  

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