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Westonia Gold Mine uses JoCom Telemetry system

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AWMA 's JoCom Telemetry Division recently travelled to WA to remotely monitor and control a 2km pipeline to ensure environmental protection

Pump station with JoCom technology:

The Westonia Gold Mine, located 3.5 hours east of Perth recently collected 1.6GL of water. For works to continue, this water was required to be pumped out of the mine from a floating station in the middle of the mine pit.

A 1km pipeline was established to transport water out of the pit area. A further 1km of pipeline traversed through environmentally protected bushland to contained evaporation ponds.

Water travelled through the pipelines at a required flow rate of 250 L/sec with a maintenance flow rate of 60 L/sec once the pit was empty.

JoCom Telemetry was required to constantly monitor the pipeline and detect any leakage to protect the bushland, home to a rare native plant.

Should any leakage or irregularity occur, JoCom Telemetry would instantly shut down the pump and operating systems and send SMS text messages to operators informing them of the alarm and system status.

In addition to the alarm system, JoCom Telemetry provided real-time information on operating parameters including system monitoring, data graphing and historical data. Operators access this information via a dedicated webpage on the Internet.

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