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article image AWMA’s new Combination Gate.

AWMA Water Control Solutions has released a new control gate that allows increased flow during periods of high supply levels.

The new Combination Gate was developed on the concept of AWMA's Head and Discharge Gate, in that an Overshot Gate may be lowered to regulate water flow as required, with the benefit of an Undershot Gate allowing for full drainage.

The unique feature of the AWMA Combination Gate is the ability to lift both Overshot and Undershot Gates entirely, allowing for a full open waterway. This design is of great advantage in applications experiencing peak period, flood, tidal or emergency situations.

While the Head and Discharge Gate remains a customary solution for flow regulation, this design allows only half of the bay's supply flow through the structure at any one time.

The Combination Gate effectively provides an Overshot Gate, an Undershot Gate and a full open waterway, within a single-bay structure.

Consistent with AWMA designs, the Combination Gate may be monitored and controlled manually, or via remote access automation.

AWMA gates (Penstocks) are manufactured from marine grade aluminium or stainless steel and are custom-designed to meet the diverse requirements of the Australian water and wastewater industries.

All products are designed, manufactured, installed, automated and commissioned by AWMA, providing a turn-key service to flow control.

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