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Safe segmented stopboards from AWMA

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article image New segmented stopboards from AWMA

AWMA  has designed and released its new segmented stopboards to meet industry best practice standards.

Traditionally the water industry has experienced many issues with stopboards, including leakage, ragging, silting and operational safety. Stopboard design and operation has finally evolved to meet the risk management procedures required for water regulation in municipal environments.

The segmented stopboards of AWMA are manufactured from marine grade aluminium or stainless steel, and the stopboards are up to 30% lighter than traditional boards. Lighter and stronger segments coupled with unique plastic side seals, reduce the lifting force and associated OH&S risks.

Two or three stopboard segments are utilised per installation, depending on the height required. A unique rubber sealing mechanism ensures the infrastructure remains water tight up to 1.8 metres of head pressure.

AWMA stopboard lifting ladders require two men to manually install and remove the stopboard segments from the waterway. The lifting ladders are designed to allow operators to remain in an upright position and to lift minimal weight, reducing OH&S risks.

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