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The AWMA Flow Meter provides a meter emplacement option designed for versatility of application, as it benefits open waterways, piped systems and Dethridge Wheel replacement.

The product available through AWMA was developed to meet current and future applications for customer needs, environmental management and water savings. Key benefits of the AWMA Flow Meter are as follows:


AWMA’s Flow Meter is designed to achieve certification in line with the National Metering Institute (NMI) pending Australian Standard requirements.

Bank access - Flexibility in design will allow narrow and extended channel bank access. This means the AWMA Flow Meter will fit readily into the existing footprint of current Dethridge Wheel sites.

The benefits of this feature include reduced cost for on farm civil works, a continuity of service to irrigators creating minimal physical impact of the new meter emplacement.

Open waterways and piped systems – The AWMA Flow Meter emplacement concept allows for consistency in design and uniform application of a single product on both open channel and pipe systems.

This concept will give ease of management for water authorities by using a single structure layout and like metering devices. Recording, telemetry and operating systems can then be interactive. Greater predictability and consistency in performance, monitoring, operation and accounting is gained.

Capacity – Flow Meters are available in 600, 450 and 300mm diameter versions. This allows the appropriate installation of service delivery points to meet demand while avoiding unnecessary capital costs involved when only small supply areas are required.

Durability – The simplistic design of AWMA’s Flow Meter using minimal moving parts produces a rugged product that is maintenance free. The incorporation of new practices and proven techniques prevents leak because of the product’s ability to with stand ground movement and high water pressure.

OH&S – Remote control matched with AWMA’s lift system will reduce risks in slips, back injuries and sprains by eliminating doors and the need to operate the outlet in adverse conditions. The product includes a screen designed to act as a trash deflector which also acts as a barrier to prevent entrapment inside the structure.

The design of the AWMA Flow Meter protects the structure, meter, automation, users and public from traditional risks associated with irrigation structures.

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