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FloTrol flow meter emplacement from AWMA

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AWMA  has undertaken an extensive research and development program coupled with industry consultation to produce FloTrol.

An innovative metering emplacement, FloTrol provides a flexible metering option for diverse applications across the irrigation industry.

FloTrol is available in two models - the FloTrol 600, for up to 38ML/day using 600mm diameter pipe and FloTrol 450, for up to 20ML/day using 450mm diameter pipe, calculated at 38cm head.

FloTrol has a number of benefits unique to the industry including patterned meter mounting technology (flangeless pipe to pipe), flexible configuration (for both open channels and piped systems) and adaptability to accept new metering technology as it evolves.

FloTrol has undergone extensive testing in FlowLab and is now installed for further testing and inspection.


  • A high accuracy flow meter that will comply with the pending Australian Standards
  • Configuration can be customised to suit individual applications
  • Accommodates for vehicle access
  • Ease of installation
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Enhanced performance (very low head loss)
  • Manual, automated or Scada operation
  • Adaptability to accept new metering technology as it evolves
  • Maintenance free
  • Eliminates OH&S risks

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