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Aquator automated irrigation for flood irrigation

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THE Aquator system is a comprehensive SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) program designed specifically for irrigators.

Available from AWMA Pty Ltd , the Aquator allows both monitoring and controlling of all irrigation functions from a computer. The software is comprehensive yet easy to use.

Radio signals are sent from the computer out to an individual solar-powered control module in the paddock.

These farm modules can be used for opening and closing bay outlets, operating channel stops, controlling and both electric and diesel pumps etc., plus opening the wheel door and monitoring water levels, flows through the wheel and soil moisture.

During irrigation, Aquator is set up to control watering on a time basis. However, as it also monitors the supply flow through the metered outlet, it will automatically adjust the bay open and close times to compensate for any fluctuations in the supply channel.

This effectively makes Aquator a volume control system, which eliminates the problems inherent with a straight time-based system.

Bay outlets are operated using 12V linear actuators. These actuators can be easily fitted to any type of bay outlet or regulator.

A field module typically consists of a controlling device (such as an actuator on a bay outlet or a relay for a pump start) as well as the radio transceiver, battery and solar panel, which are mounted on a post located on the channel bank. Each site is individual and is a permanent installation.

Where practical, it is possible to interlink up to three controlling devices to a single transceiver module and still maintain individual control. This in return reduces the total cost of a system installation.

The Aquator control software allows very quick and easy set up of irrigation schedules. It is possible to set up as many schedules as the operator desires and to even run multiple schedules at one time. Alteration to set ups can be made quickly and efficiently at any time

The Aquator software is complex in its ability to control and monitor applications on a wide range of farms, yet designed with simplicity of use in mind.

Any future software developments will be supplied to customers as a free upgrade, ensuring that farms using Aquator will always be at the very forefront of automation.

AWMA staff carry out all installations, which will remain maintenance-free as there are no pipes or long lengths of wires underground.

Purchase price includes onsite design in conjunction with the irrigator, installation, comprehensive onsite training and free 24 hour telephone support.

Over 100 farm installations have now been carried out. Aquator is now the most widely accepted automated irrigation system available, according to AWMA Pty Ltd.

Features include:

* Easy to use (basic PC skills that are easily learnt)

* Monitors volume of water used

* Easy to change watering times "on the fly"

* Can be accessed from a remote PC over telephone lines

* Controls pumps, doors, valves, or anything that can be switched on/off or manually opened and closed

* Can monitor level, flow, pH, temperature, moisture etc

* All operations are monitored and alarmed through a telephone dialler for total peace of mind

* No maintenance costs

* 100% flexible

* No underground pipes or long runs of cable

* Can be economically added to over time

* Software easily updated

* Can quite often use any existing automation on farm

* Printing of schedules.

Benefits include:

* Allows more efficient use of water - reduces water usage

* Allows better water techniques - improved pasture

* Reduces salinity

* Reduced motorbike and vehicle costs

* Reduces injury potential

* Monitors water used

* Customer always has latest available automation technology

* Reduces labour by 95%.

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