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TouchRight Utility from AVisum

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While the touchscreen and touch pens are favourable for developers and administrators, there are also limitations. There is nothing complicated about point and touch but what happens when one wants to right click?

Sydney based AV specialists AVisum has the perfect solution: the TouchRight Utility. Many touchscreen drivers enable a touch or press for left click but TouchRight has the ability to add the right mouse click functionality.

This allows easy access to features such as cut, copy and paste as well as restart and exiting operating systems. Swapping between the left and right mouse click is as simple as touching the on-screen button.

Compatible with any pen or touchscreen, the TouchRight window is always top on the screen for easy access and can be turned off at any time.

The on-screen button, containing the graphic of a mouse, cleverly indicates the current status of the tool by highlighting the left or right side of the mouse button graphic. The window can be moved and resized at any time to suit the user’s needs.

Suitable for any environment where there is a pen or touch based input device being used by the Windows operating system, TouchRight is easy to use and has additional useful functions such as the ability to hide the window in the task bar until it is needed and a single right click to automatically return to the default left click after use.

Whether its data entry, process control or shop floor control, TouchRight takes the efficiency of the pen and touchscreen functionality to a higher level.

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