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AVisum releases RM-DN3+ solid-state video player

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Since the tragic events at Beaconsfield earlier this year, the focus on compliant OH&S practice has intensified in mines around Australia. Video programmes displaying OH&S standards ensure employees are fully educated on policy and aware of how to operate within standards.


The challenges faced by mining companies and others in heavy industry are rugged conditions continually causing problems with digital media, where standard consumer devices are used. Dirt, dust and industrial debris compromises DVDs and VHS tapes, destroying the players in the process.

The restricted amount of displayable content needs attention, with many companies having multiple sites where the education and awareness contents may differ or vary based on location, type of operation or skill base.


The digital media plays and displays solution, suited to withstand harsh and dirty conditions, with no need for tape or disc based media, able to play a full range of file and the ability to either stand alone or sit on a network for remote content management.


AVisum created the RM-DN3+, a system using fully sealed 32” diagonal colour LCD, video controller board and a remote player board, which are coated to prevent metal dust damage. Each unit is housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure with six adjustable positions for easy viewing.

The RM-DN3+ solid-state video player is a solid-state device, without moving parts and runs content from a compact flash card, eliminating the need for tape or disc media. The RM-DN3+ solid-state video player can play a mixture of MPEG1 & 2 videos, JPEG and MPEG stills. Changing content is as simple as switching to another flash card, which can be updated via the Internet and Digital Views Remote Transfer facility.

Weighing at a reasonable 30kgs, the system compares favourably with the average specifications of consumer plasmas and LCD’s, with the added advantage of all components on board, reduces the risk of damage or theft.

AVisum designs each display unit according to the customer’s requirements. Price of each unit depends on components used.

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